Are you tired of being stuck in a phone contract with no way out? Well, there`s good news for AT&T customers who are considering switching to a different provider! AT&T does offer a contract buyout program that could potentially save you money and provide more flexibility in choosing your phone plan.

The first step in the contract buyout process is to verify eligibility. Only customers who have an active AT&T account and are in good standing can qualify for the program. The account must also be less than 60 days past due and cannot have a past-due balance. If you meet these requirements, you are eligible to receive up to $650 in reimbursement for each line that you switch to another provider.

Once you have verified your eligibility, you will need to purchase a new phone and sign up for a new wireless plan with your chosen provider. You will then have to submit your final AT&T bill and phone installment plan balance to the new provider. The new provider will then send you a prepaid Visa card up to $650 for each line that you switch. This reimbursement will cover any early termination fees and remaining phone installment plan balances that you owe to AT&T.

It`s important to note that the contract buyout program only applies to the actual cost of the phone and early termination fees. Any other fees or charges that you owe to AT&T will not be covered by the program. Additionally, you must submit your final bill to the new provider within 60 days of canceling your AT&T account in order to receive reimbursement.

In conclusion, AT&T does offer a contract buyout program that can help you switch to a different provider with ease. By reimbursing up to $650 per line, the program can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in early termination fees and phone installment plan balances. Be sure to verify your eligibility and follow the necessary steps to receive reimbursement.